Certificate after finishing course

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I think, in some cases like Primary Education, it would be stimulating for students, to print out a certificate after finishing a course. At this moment I don't think it is possible, is it?


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It isn't possible. In Drupal I know there are modules you may mix together to achieve this. I don't know for Wordpress. https://www.drupal.org/project/quiz https://www.drupal.org/project/certify Hope this might help :)
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That would probably be a good new feature!

When subtitles supports in interactive video gets implemented (which is what Im focusing at the moment), I'll try to think about that.

I will let you know.



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Super :)

HI Xyulex

Do we have the Certificate feature in H5P now? if yes can you point me to the right documentation please.

Thank you

I'm super new in here and trying to find my ways around to support students

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Hi V,

I'm afraid not.


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And please let me add: I don't think it makes sense. H5P has a focus on single interactions. User management, progression between interactions and issuing certificates is the domain of learning management systems such as moodle, WordPress with one of the many LMS plugins that support certificates, etc.



Thank you 

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is there any feature specs about it? I might e starting to develop it now that I have some free time :)

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Great, there is no specs for this, it isn't on the roadmap. For H5P I would look at two routes:

  1. Make integrations with existing modules, for instance Certify so that that module could create a certificate based on results reported by H5P
  2. Do it all client side. This would make it possible to cheat though, and also probably wouldn't work well on all mobile devices yet.

The reason I don't want to add this to the PHP part of H5P is that people plan to make ports to other languages. A Ruby on Rails version is  being worked on already. I want to keep the PHP part as small as possible, and also make sure H5P is only about content and great integrations, and make everything around the content happen via integrations with other projects.


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I see, the thing is that, if you want to access to results, you will need PHP anyway.

I'll do that based on number #1, but I understand that it would be grato to create a PDF so the student can download it so, it owuld be server-side.


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Yeah, you could provide a pdf after a single Course Presentation for instance using jsPDF or something, but I don't think it would work very well.

#1 sounds good. Hope you'll give an update here if and when you get something up and running that people can use :)

Hi, I am serarching for an app which will allow me to integrate a training quiz on my website, with the option of printing our a certificate upon completion wiht the results - is this now an option with H5P?

Any further tips or recommendations greatfully received.

With many thanks,


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Hi Angela,

This is not possible as of the moment, although this would be a nice addition to the contents. I would suggest that you head over to the Feature Request forum to post your suggestion/request.


Hello, I am also looking for a possibility to download a certificate for a successfully completed training. Is this possible now?