Print Presentation Slides in a 'Notes' Format

It would be cool for the students to be able print the slides in a notes view with two slides to a page and lines for them to write notes on.  I realize the presenation is supposed to be independent learning, but I have the interactive presenation as the 'preview' for the video lecture, followed by proper reading.  It would be handy to have the slides avaliable to take notes on during the video lecture and further down in the reading.

I also second off-line viewing.

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You mean print on paper?

I know printing is already an option.  But it currently prints one slide per page and the rest of the sheet blank.  I'm suggesting the ability to print into a formatted template so the slides can be 1 per page (currently avaliable), 2-3 per page with lines for notes, 6 per page. 

This way, the student can print out the slides to take notes on while watching the lecture portion.  My setup is: interactive presentation as a preview to the lecture, then lecture video, followed by proper reading with interactive quizzes and other related activities.  Then we review it all in the classroom prior to the lab portion of class.  Having printed slides which are in the same order as the lecture/reading will allow for additonal notes to be added by the student regarding the material presented.

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I see. Thank you for this suggestion. I don't think we can give this a high priority in the H5P core team since we don't think a lot of people need this, but hopefully others are willing to contribute on this. If more people requests this we will give it a higher priority in the H5P team as well.

I'd like to add a vote to this request!

This would be simple to implement and really help our students, so I'll put my vote in!