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I would like to have superscript and subscript button to h5p-tools. Someone make it happen and make my chemisty teaching better. Thanks!

Sub- and Super-script in Editor
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Hi Juvaatai,

Thanks for requesting this. I think it's important to get this in place, for both chemistry and math people.

- Tom

I'm more than waiting. I can't go further any longer

I shall place my vote for subscripts and superscripts as well. (Chemistry teacher here)

In the meantime, I use to generate the unicode subcripts and copy/paste them in. It works but takes more steps.

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Good tip, thank you!

- Tom

Thanks a lot!

This s really helpful

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There are several threads on this, and I was going to create another one, but I was able to follow instructions on modifying the WYSIWYG editor for H5P in Drupal and added the Sub and Sup buttons to any text field in H5P that has a text editor. I am including this module, it is the only thing it does, so there is no configuration or anything. Install, enable, and it should work just fine. 

As I am not a hardocre Drupal developer, use this module at your own risk. It is all code from H5P so I dont think it has anything that will be harmful but please use with caution and test before going to a production environment. We are using this on a production site and it has been a great help for our content developers.


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Hi Roman,

Thanks for contributing! The code in the package looks good and safe to me!

- Tom

Any similar code for WordPress please? Thanks in advance

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You should have a look at this repo.

- Tom

Hi, a friend told me of this solution which works for me....

To get superscript just hold down ALT key and type the numbers (using a keypad not from main keyboard)

Superscript¹ = Alt+0185

Superscript² = Alt+0178

Superscript³ = Alt+0179

This is using Unicode decimal characters:


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Hi WebboUK,

Thank you for the tip ;-)


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please tell me how to use unicode font in h5p