Please build something that helps h5p to become optimal for assessment


I have been going around the forums trying to find ways around the mishaps of using h5p to prevent students from teaching.

In most of the review posts people are suggesting the creation of these features:

  • Creating something that stops students from having more than one attempt at an activity- limit the number of attempts.
  • Only the score of the first attempt is recorded in the grade book and the score of subsequent attempts is not updated in grade book.
  • Some of you are talking about a feature called 'exam mode'
  • Backend evaluation of answers (I heard this is already in the features list)
  • Any other idea?

There is quite a case for the creation of a feature that will allow educators to assesses students' performance. H5p is been used across education institutions more and more often, and courses at the university level are being created solely using h5p!

Please, please, hear our plead! We need this feature, it is sooo important!

No matter how cool and fun activities we can do with h5p if we cannot actually track students' progress properly. Being able to understand what students are doing, where they are failing, how, is the most important thing for ensuring learning takes place and for the teachers to re-plan their learning materials. So, if we don't have this, unfortunately, I think we don't have a real educational tool.

Hopefully, somebody will hear this plead and put the creation of this feature at the head of the list.

Thanks for hearing me and keep up the good work!


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Hi Nuria,

Thank you for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.

Furthermore the feature to only capture the first attempt is already available in I suggest that you consider it as one of your options. You can read more about the differences between for Moodle and here.


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Hi Nuria,

Unfortunately you do not say which platform you are using H5P on? Since you mention the "gradebook" I guess you are using Moodle?

You say that "courses at the university level are being created solely using h5p". This is surprising, giving the limits of H5P. It can do lots of things but is certainly self-sufficient on a university course.


Yes, it is Moodle. I am the language coordinator at a university and I have built a Spanish language course using Moodle and h5p course presentations and other activities such as Speak the words set and Quiz set. Actually, with these three activities, I can pretty much teach everything I need to. 



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Thanks for your reply, Nuria.

In my earlier post I actually meant to say "H5P can do lots of things but is certainly not self-sufficient on a university course."!

There are so many useful activities & resources available on a Moodle platform, surely you must be using some of those, especially the quiz activity, with its many types of questions and complete student tracking.

Anyway you are probably aware that the Moodle platform is moving towards a more complete integration of the H5P activities (in forthcoming versions 3.8 and 3.9) and it's likely that student tracking will be part of the new features available when that is done.

Yes, I worked out that you have missed the 'not' :)

Thanks for letting me know about the Moodle getting more integrated with H5p.

Anyhow, I find the student tracking quite good so far in Moodle, the problem is, especially with Course Presentation activities, that students can refresh the page and retry the activities after they have seen the answers. I was trying to stop this from happening by using the 'save content state' feature, but for some reason, this feature does not work properly all the time.

That's why having something like 'only 1 attempt' option would be very cool.

Thanks for the advice!



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Hi Nuria!

Some setting like what you requested has been asked for several times AFAIR. Hopefully someone in the community will pick up the job soon or someone is willing to (co-)fund it so someone can pay for the development.



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Hi Nuria,

I also find it a crucial feature. I used H5P rather for "practice" exercises, which I didn't track, and the Moodle quiz for graded activities. But since some weeks ago I have started to include H5P activities in the formal assessment and realized that they're not included in the Grades or not as detailed as needed to make a good tracking of a student's performance. Thanks for your request!

I would like the students to get the highest mark of multiple attempts.

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This is possible thorugh You might ask why it is not available in this is because they use the same content and generate xAPI statements the same way. The difference is that logs every attempts and records the score depending on your settings. Theoretically this is also possible with the H5P plugin for Moodle, Drupal or Moodle if you can find an LRS that logs all the attempts and lets you choose which attempt it will record.