Save Content State not working


I am trying to save the content state of my users when they do a h5p activity and break them to continue it later.

I have a moodle and integrated my course presentation with interactive videos in it from via LTI. I set the save content state option in the administration area in moodle and set the rights "mod/hvp:savecontentuserdata" & "mod/hvp:saveresults" of the course participants.

I logged into a test user account to see if it was working and answered the first question and refreshed the whole page but I have to answer the first question again...did I oversee something here or is there another option to set for the content state?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi esor,

Save content state is not available yet for contents hosted in However there are plans from the development team to add this feature in future updates.


Is the feature available now? Would love to hear from you

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Hi Rahul,

I'm afraid this is not yet available in It is planned to be developed but it may take a a few months before it is released.


Too bad but thank you.

Hello there,

I have a "lesson" in Moodle, in which each Content Page is an H5P Course Presentation. I use the plugin (black H5P icon) : I imported an H5P file as a template, then edited within Moodle.
Every "slide" in each of my H5P Course Presentations includes a video, some of them interactive. In every Course Presentation I have at least one interaction (single or multiple choice set).

And... I cannot get Save Content State to work. Every time I resume a session that was previously started then suspended (Student role), I do get the last H5P Course Presentation which was started (the correct content page in Moodle) but within that Course Presentation, I always have the first slide and every video is back to 00:00 (the system does not remember where I was with the H5P component). Whether or not an interaction was completed in the H5P Course Presentation does not matter.

I did check the earlier discussions in this forum about enabling Save Content State... could not find what I did wrong.
Any help most welcome !! Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Paul!

You're right. The save content state feature needs to be enabled in the plugin settings. Have you?

On top of that, you'll have to check the interval that states are saved. If you keep the default (which is every 30 seconds) and do not do anything that would trigger H5P to store the state (e.g. check an answer, simply speaking), then the state may simply not have been saved when you close a Course Presentation. There's a pull request that would increase the likelihood of states being saved, but it's still pending. If you open the network tab of your browser's development tools (usually opened by pressing F12), you can track saving the state by checking the XHR requests that will appear.

Also, not every content types allows to save and restore the state. A plain video is one of those, even though adding that feature would be trivial, and there's a pull request for that. So it's possible that you end up the the same slide, but videos would all be back at 0:00. Interactive videos should at least start at the previous position when you click on the play btton.

Also, many or most content types do not fully recreate the state. For instance, the state might be stored after you answered an multiple choice question. Still, the respective content type would not restore that state unless everything was answered correctly - only the options that were chosen waiting for the user to click "Check" again.

Hope some of my answer will help you find out what the problem might be.