Save Content State not working


I am trying to save the content state of my users when they do a h5p activity and break them to continue it later.

I have a moodle and integrated my course presentation with interactive videos in it from via LTI. I set the save content state option in the administration area in moodle and set the rights "mod/hvp:savecontentuserdata" & "mod/hvp:saveresults" of the course participants.

I logged into a test user account to see if it was working and answered the first question and refreshed the whole page but I have to answer the first question again...did I oversee something here or is there another option to set for the content state?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi esor,

Save content state is not available yet for contents hosted in However there are plans from the development team to add this feature in future updates.


Is the feature available now? Would love to hear from you

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Hi Rahul,

I'm afraid this is not yet available in It is planned to be developed but it may take a a few months before it is released.


Too bad but thank you.