Problems with Marks the words - a whole sentence

We are using the Mark the words assignment type. The assignments is set up, so that you can mark one word at a time, and not a whole sentence.

In a forum post on this site, we found a solution to the problem. By inserting &#32 between each word in a sentence, h5p could now identify it as one coherent sentence that the students could click on, for an example


It has, until now, worked to great effect. But suddenly now, our students can se &#32 in the sentences, so something seems have changed.

Anyone who knows what the problem might be?

Ps. I have uploaded an h5p mark the words assignment that show the problem, but for unknown reasons it is labelled as a Single Choice Set.

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Hi Rasmusk,

Mark the Words was never designed to handle multiple words as the answer. The use of "&#32" was a workaround that takes advantage of a bug in the content. The bug has been resolved albeit unintentionally when another bug was worked on by the core team. Currently there is no way of fixing this issue since this is not a bug but instead a lack of feature.

Ps. The file that you uploaded may have been a different content and was titled as such. Changing the content and title does not change the file name in the database, hence the name of the file.


Just in case someone lands here looking for answers I thought I'd note that I've come up with another workaround.
It is a pity that definining multiple words as the answer can't be added as an official feature as it significantly broadens the possibilities of this activity.

Hi Again

Dio you know if there is any other way to achieve this functionality with h5p?

Kind regards, Rasmus

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Hi Rasmus,

It may not be a perfect solution but you may use Single Choice set as substitute.


Please change the instruction to show that multiple words cannot be selected as answers.

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Hi Kakav,

I'm afraid I do not follow. Where did you see the instructions that mentions that you can use multiple words as the answer?


1. Existing objects created perform this function inconsistently - in some activities it recognises phrases and in others, it does not.

2. Your sample test ( suggests that multiple words/phrases can be used, albeit with '&#32' visible to users.

3. The existing instructions are ambiguous - 

'Correct words are marked with asterisks (*) before and after the word.'

If you refer to the answer word (singular), users will understand that individual words can be selected and not multiple words. In the example, try using *answer* or *word* rather than *correctword* to clarify this further.

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Hi Kakav,

1. Personally I haven't come accross a phrase or activity that actually works so I am unable to verify this.

2. I meant to clean up my test contents for those that are not applicable or don't have any use anymore but I haven't had the time to do this. Apologies for this.

3. Good point I created a request in our public board so that the core team can make the necessary changes.