How can I download the activity? .h5p File

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I created an activity.

I want to import it into my Moodle course. How can I download the  .h5p  File?




Nevermind, I found the answer, but I cannot delete the post



Thu, 03/30/2017 - 02:33


You might need someone with a bit of computer skill to do this.

  1. Install Moodle with H5P on your computer
  2. Create content normally using your localhost domain
  3. Press "Download" button to download your content as a .h5p file
  4. Upload the .h5p file to the internet again on your website, if you want to share it

- Tom

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Hi  andresblancoma,

I'm glad you found what you're looking for, if you have other questions fee free to post in the forums.



We would like to export our content from to
How is it possible?

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Hi learninglab2018!

Since there's no automatic transfer yet, you can download your contents using the "Reuse" button underneath each content and then upload it to



Thank you!

Thank you!

How can I download my content from

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Quoting myself from the post above:

you can download your contents using the "Reuse" button underneath each content



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Hi Biomec,

Just to add to this, if you are not seeing the button under your content you need to enable under the H5P settings just below the content editor.


Hi, this is a helpful topic for me as i just started making h5p content for moodle. I am on a trial period for but upon reading that we can make h5p on moodle pc version and download from there, does that mean i dont need to subscribe to h5p anymore? What would be the use of the subscription, then?

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Hi acereviewcenter,

When self-hosting, you don’t login and create the content on either or, but rather on your own website.

The main advantage of self-hosting over might be that you have more personal control as things are maintained yourself.

The drawbacks would be:

  • You have to facilitate all upgrades, backups, etc. yourself.
  • You won’t get access to upcoming Premium Features.
  • You wouldn’t be supporting the development of H5P.

There are many additional benefits of vs. that of self-hosting:

1. LTI integration providing single sign-on and grade book pass-back.

2. 24/5 priority support from the H5P Core Team.

3. High-end infrastructure ensuring very high availability & great performance (automatic scaling & fail-overs on almost every component, upgrades with no downtime, automated uptime monitoring on all components that calls us up automatically if anything goes down, CDN etc.).

4. A dedicated team of H5P experts operating the systems.

5. 99.9% SLA.

6. Backups, upgrades, etc. handled by the H5P Core Team.

7. Detailed drill-down reports providing assessment questions, answers, time completed, and more!

8. Custom content management.

9. Detailed configuration of what content types should be available for your organization.

10. CSS styling via the admin interface.


There are also brand new premium features which are soon to be released exclusively for as well. :)