Problem with Audio content type upload?

Hi there,

It seems I can no longer upload files through the Audio content type uploader.

The last time I successfully uploaded was 14 days ago (4th Dec 2018).
I wonder whether this could be related to the new Wordpress version 5.0.1 or the newest update to the Audio content type.

When trying to upload a file, I receive the error message: 'The file you are trying to upload might be too large'.
This error message comes even when uploading files as small as 100kb (I was succeeding before with files of upto 1.5Mb) so I'm sure it's not really related to size.

I'm using:

  • Wordpress 5.0.1 on desktop and have tried with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • ---> I've now installed the Classic Editor (, but there's no change to the error
  • H5P plugin version 1.11.3

A workaround is to upload the files via FTP and link to the URL through the Audio content type, which I'm doing successfully.
However, I wonder if others are having this problem and whether it's something that needs fixing.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi MoZhewen,

Thank you for the additional information. I just want to verify that only in the Audio content type you are getting this issue. You can upload say an image/video on another content type as well as audio on other places.


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Have you checked your server's error_log file?
Also, open the debugger(Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome) before uploading a file, go to the network tab, clear it and then upload the file. Have a look at the new request that appears, what does the response say?


This is happening to me to! It is just saying the file is too large even though i have been adding in ever larger audio yesterday and it's been working fine.

Any help with how to resolve this would be great, 


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Hi EvieM!

Could you please give some more information, e.g. see Frode's hints above.