H5P editor iframe, width to narrow after upgrade to Moodle 3.8

Hi, after an upgrade to Moodle 3.8 from 3.5 the H5P editor iframe was to narrow to edit these kind of item (view attached image), I have temporarily edited the js found in /moodle/html/mod/hvp/editor/scripts/h5peditor-editor.js to force a fixed width to regain usage of this parameter windows.

I use the RemUI theme but had the same issue under boost, if it is a H5P issue, a permanent fix on futur release would be appreciated.


Jean-François Marcotte


Bug under Moodle
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Obviously something went wrong when you updated your Moodle site. Are you sure you have the very latest H5P plugin? Your screenshot shows 2 problems:

  1. There is a mixture of French and English. Since you are using your Moodle site in French, everything should be in French, as on my own attached screenshot;
  2. You are missing an important (new) feature of H5P editor: the Full screen (Plein écran) button, as again shown on my screenshot.

I suggest you check your H5P Moodle plugin and update to solve your problem.

PS.- Are you no longer subscribed on the Moodle forums?

Hi papi Jo,

sorry for not seeing your reply earlier.

1. The mixture english/french is because my user language is set to english and the courses language is force to french, by switching my user language to french everything apear in french, I would expect that to be the normal behavior.

2. Thanks for the screenshot, my H5P modules seem to be at the latest at version 1.20.2 (2020020500) but your hypothesis of something going wrong with the update make sense with the missing option. I had done all module update under Moodle 3.5 and upgraded via a git checkout to Moodle 3.8 and we didn't detected anything wrong with the site after this upgrade, but for the H5P module as I'm fonctionnal with the temporary javascritp fix I could wait for the next update to see if it correct itself with the new feature as you showed me.

Thanks for your help, will post the result once an update of H5P is due/done on this system.

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Did my reply help? Did you solve your problem?

Hi papi Jo,

attached you see two screenshots, which shows the iframe which is to small in size for convenient editing. If I add 

.h5p-editor-iframe {

width: 1600px!important;


to my CSS theme file, then the size is good. See second screenshot.

Maybe this helps...

Thanks for a reply


It worked for me ! I love you man thanks !

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Your second screenshot shows that you have the same initial problem as the original poster: you are missing the Enter Full Screen link. Which means that either you don't have the latest version of the H5P plugin or the latest version of Moodle or that something went wrong the last time you updated your Moodle site or the H5P plugin.

I'm having a similar issue but I do have the enter full screen option for some question types - just not presentation.

Running Moodle 3.7.5 and Theme is Fordson (but get the same issues if I change to Boost or Classic)


I was able to find a fix after a couple of attempts.

The issue seemed to be because the course presentation was created with an old version of the tool libraries. 

I went to run through the steps to update the library here https://h5p.org/update-all-content-types but still couldn't see the expand icon on the presentation after updating the course presentation library.

To get it to appear I had to export and then import the activity again in Moodle using the steps below



After this the expand icon appeared.