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Hello again! There's another question I'd like to ask:

is there a way to store a value in a variable in one slide to then use it in another slide?

Thank you for your answer!

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I assume you're talking about "Course Presentation" here.
It is not possible to store variables and re-use them.
Do you have any use-cases where this could be useful ? If you create a feature request with a reasonable specification and a rationale for why it should be implemented it is more likely that it will be picked up by a developer.

- Thomas

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In the past I used Adobe Captivate and it could do variables. This is one of the only things that Captivate did that I used regularly that Course Presentation won't do. An example is this: I was having students go on a virtual trip. I had them type their name in and then after they had chosen their destination, I had a pretend ticket that would have the destination on it and then it would have their name on it. It just lent a feel of realism that was fun.