Multiple feature prototypes


I'm not sure if this is quite the right forum to be posting this in as its more a "features started" kind of thing.

I've been developing a few additional features / changes in the past month that are in a prototype state e.g. Not fully tested on all devices. 

It would be good to get some feedback on if any of these are features that are requested or easy enough to implement into future official releases.

If any are of interest I can talk thorough the process of what I've done / what would be the best aproach to continue working with it. 

  • Ability to add custom CSS files when creating content. 
  • Adding the find hotspot library to the course presentation editor
  • Fixed issue in wordpress in which find hotspot image doesn't resize when browser does. 
  • Showing Question feedback as a styled modal with buttons to either reset question, go to a different slide (in Course Pres) or go to a url
  • Ambigiuos feedback for fill in the blanks library (no right or wrong answers, just shows a feedback modal with general answer "best answer")
  • Added the ability to position fill in the blank boxes being used alongside course presentation to do a sort of "fill in the label on a photo"
  • Added toggle to either move navigation bar to the top of the course presentation or completely remove the navigation bar.
  • Added a play CTA button on the html5 video player library
  • Added ability to use iFrame library in course presentation
  • Ability to add background images to slides in "Question Set" libraries.

Again these are all in fully untested states so there may be some bugs but if there are any of interest let us know.

Cheers, Tomm

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Great news!

We'd love to get these features merged into the official releases. Comments on each feature:

  1. Not sure about this one, but probably. We've been planning to add a text area for inputting CSS either for all H5Ps or per content type.
  2. Yes! :)
  3. Didn't know about this issue, but yes :)
  4. Sounds interesting, won't know if this should be merged in until we get to see it in action and get some feedback from the beta testers.
  5. With a setting for activating this mode?
  6. I don't know if this works the way I think it does, but sounds very interesting :)
  7. Good! In the next release it will be possible to hide it. Being able to show it on top sounds interesting too!
  8. CTA?
  9. Very good, how does it work with different screen sizes, full screen mode etc?
  10. Interesting :)

So, the easiest way to go about this is probably Pull Requests? Would love to talk about it more as well if you want to do a video chat or something?


Hi Sorry about the late reply, I've been fairly busy.

Id be happy to send pull requests for the above features, I cant guarantee what state of testing they are in as we have only needed the modifications for protoyping on a very specific browser set (chrome / ios safari).

In response :

5. Yes this is added in a similar way to the feedback modal, an option is checked then when checking answers a modal appears above the interaction with a paragraph of feedback rather than a boolean right / wrong.

8. CTA = Call To Action, appologies for using abreviations, basically a large centralised play button like that in the flash player :)

9. I've not tested this iFrame mode in fullscreen yet but it seems to work fine in embed mode utilising a full browser window. Where this is being used in our prototype it is being embeded in a fixed width container anyway.

Cheers, Tomm

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Great! Looking forward to see all these great new features in action :)