H5P Branching Scenario won't load up

Hi there,

I created 5 branching scenarios for an online training course containing the same content in different languages some time ago, which previously loaded up on the host webpages fine. However, recently they've not been responsive and I've been trying to fix them ever since. I've been editing and creating duplicates of the same course in different languages which contain video files, these have been compressed to 480p in a .mp4 format and sizes range from 331Kb to 3.4Mb. Despite doing this compression, the branching scenarios I've tried to recreate and edit refuse to load, I have tried loading them in different browsers and they too are unresponsive.

I've attached an image file showing the unresponsive to this topic, would really appreciate any help that could indicate to what the problem is or could be.

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Hi ab6238!

Branching Scenario has to load quite a lot of libraries and will naturally be slow when loading on slow servers.

If you think there might be a bug, please be so kind to help those you expect to help you by providing them with the information they ask for at the top of the bug report forum.