Is there a way to translate main names?


Trying to figure out if there is a way to translate the names and description in the "Add new" wizard.



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Hi Ofer,

This is not possible with the current features of H5P. There is however some updates in coming few weeks/months on the H5P HUB and it may include this.


Excuse me, do you mean the titles and the description of the activities? Can't translate yet? Im using drupal 8

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Hi luchot,

Yes you are correct and this is true for all plugins and


You can provide translations for all H5P modules via weblate.
If you translate also the LUMI Education and LUMI homepage, LUMI users will get all H5P titles and descriptions fully translated for the languages that have been translated with weblate.

I have found that translating H5P modules with weblate is easier and less error-prone than making pull requests from GitHub.

You can register as a translator in

You can check how well this works by downloading the LUMI app (Windows, Mac or Linux) at if you choose, for example, the Spanish language (that I translated).