Hotspot in course presentation

This be great. Much easier then adding an image and then text as a button, which is the workaround. 

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Hi Emma,

Thank you for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! With the H5P supporter program the H5P community can now vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then work on a feature they find interesting or useful.

Thanks for the workaround I never thought of that.


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Wonder why this feature request is not more popular. As a teacher I would like to show my students for example a picture of a tool, machine or anything else and cover the names of the parts of that tool etc. - when the students click on the "Plus" they can see what's the name of this special part.
Just one example of many how you can use hotspots in a course presentation.


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Hi BV!

Including new content types into compound content types is not much of an effort, but testing is (especially for nested content, e.g. Video inside Image Hotspots inside Course Presentation inside Branching Scenario).

Could you possibly compile a list of requests for including content types in other content types (or simply create a matrix with all compound content types on one axis, other content types on the other axis and make sure to distinguish between those implementing the question type contract content and those that don't and to distinguish between content types receiving support and updates and those that don't, cmp. HFP-1888) and then pass it to the H5P core team? Answers per request/combination could then for instance be "Once and for all: no, won't be accepted (because ...)" or "Nothing against it if someone wants to contribute the code it, but make sure to check XY - and we can't promise any dates for reviewing and releasing".



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Hi Oliver,

Good suggestion! I'll create the list/tracker (it will be a long one), send it to the core team and give you an update once I get an the file back.


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Hey BV! 

You could try to build upon the matrix linked to in HFP-1888. It won't be that long, because you can rule out some things: Question Set can only include content types implementing the quiz type contract; Dictation inside IV probably does not make sense; IFrame Embedder should not go anywhere; Find Multiple Hotspots, Personality Quiz and possibly others are not maintained anymore; etc.

Hey, dear H5P community!

If someone contributed the code for adding content types to other content types: There's a lot of systematic (!) testing that would be required like testing all kinds of combinations for resizing issues, weird behavior or even crashes on all kinds of devices. You want the features, then volunteer for organizing those tests and test, test, test!



I would realy like to systematicly test that kind of combination of features. I am would also like 

to ask others to help you. Do you already have some content, which requires testing? 

Kind regards  


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Hi Malte!

There are some pull requests, but before checking those, I think it makes sense to wait for the core team's answer.



Fände es toll wenn man Hotspots grundsätzlich einfügen kann so wie z.B. ein Bild. Im Moment helfe ich mir mit Audios, die ich einfüge.

"It would be great if you can basically insert hotspots, such as a picture. At the moment I am helping myself with audios that I insert."