Missing content types when creating


When I go in create interactive content, only 13 options appear, on the 43.

Single Choice SetFill in the BlanksInteractive VideoImage Slider

True/False Question
Multiple Choice
Memory Game
Mark the Words
Guess the Answer
Drag the Words
Dialog Cards

Since the beginning of this week.

Waiting for an answer. Thanks!

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Comment by the H5P core team.

H5P.org has constantly been timing out and crashing lately making authors like you loose all their unsaved work. H5P runs on a single cheap server and is not designed to scale and facilitate content creation for the entire world through the Corona crisis. We've been getting more and more complaints from users not able to access H5P.org at all because of all the traffic, so turning on content types so that content creators can bring the site down again won't help anyone unfortunately. H5P.com is built to scale and just adds more servers when needed. H5P.org is built to be a forum, a place to look at the example content and a place to try out H5P.


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Hi! To provide a best possible experience for new users and to ensure that people use H5P.org only for trying out H5P (we've had more traffic than our server can handle lately, ref also the warnings when you create content, embed content and view the content) we are experimenting with which content types should be available here. Might be a different set of content types next week.

See our getting started page for information on how you can use all content types and use H5P for real. We unfortunately are not able to provide free hosting, only free software :) Hopefully you'll consider supporting the H5P Core Team by using H5P.com.