edit and download erros

Hi there,

Hope everyone is doing great! It is super awesome to use h5p in the classroom. I wanted to create board game but have noticed that it was no longer here. So I have a drupal site (latest version), and using chrome on mac os (upto date) Sierra, my site is on a redhat / centos server. 

1. when I edit any h5p content the site loads but the actual content of h5p doesn't!
2. when I download the content by pressing the download button some wiered thing happens..

so I am attaching an image to show what I mean once i press download.. I hope there is a soluation for this.

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Hi Farris,

I hope you are doing great too!

I don't think Board Game is maintained or supported anymore, so it's better to not use it.

  1. Do you have any screenshots of this? Is there anyhing in the error log in the browser console? (Press F12, and choose console). Do you have access to the server logs, and is there anything wierd going on there?
  2. When you download the content, you download a .h5p file. Which is basically a zipfile with html/css/js files. If you want to see inside, use a zip-program. To use it, you have to use the upload feature under Add content -> Interactive Content in Drupal (or similar in WordPress or Moodle)

- Tom

Hello everone. I have set up tons of content types in wordpress 5.4.1. I'm using the latest version of h5p. Now we have desided to move everthing into moodle 3.8. we need .h5p files. but wen we click on the download content a weired content appears. we can embed and edit the contens. but are unable to download. we have tried different browsers and different contents. Please someone helps. we can't recreate our two-year work overnight.


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Hi usyuse!

You need to teach your server the MIME type of H5P content. Cmp. https://h5p.org/comment/19705#comment-19705

Also, on WordPress, all your content files should be in /wp-content/uploads/h5p/exports or some similar path. You could just download them from there.



Thank you otacke.

It worked! You can't believe, I was looking for a magic way to bulk export my files. and I found it in your answer, too.

best regards.