How to add created editor widget to Hello World Content Type


I have been following "Hello world tutorial"

I have created widget by following "How to create an editor widget" (

However I am unable add this widget tp content type and get this error 

Missing dependency H5PEditor.ColorSelector 1.0 required by H5P.GreetingCard 1.0.

How to add a custom widget to custom content type ?

Where to place the "H5PEditor.ColorSelector" so its accessable to "H5P.GreetingCard" in "drupal-7-69/sites/default/files/h5p/development" ?

BTW how you search forum, there seems to be no search option visible ?

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Please see my answer on github.

Thanks was able to resolve the issue,

the devil was in details,

the tutrial at

says to update H5P.GreetingCard/library.json with '"minorVersion": 0' for '"machineName": "H5PEditor.ColorSelector",'

but the version in 

"minorVersion" is 3.

Hence it could not find "H5PEditor.ColorSelector" in "h5p/development"

just upated '"minorVersion": 3' in H5P.GreetingCard/library.json and all works.