Questionnaire Content in Column Content types

Hi there, 

Firstly, Enjoying the column content tool!

I would like to include a "questionnaire" type activity in my Column content, but I can't seem to find an appropriate content type available in the choices for Column content? 

For this instance I will use the stand alone Questionnaire content type, but perhaps this could be added to the Column content?


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Hi brigette,

A workaround is to use the Iframe embeder to embed the questionnaire activity.


Hi there! I'm trying to do something like that, in Wordpress.

I'm trying to use the Iframe embeder to embed another H5p activity in the column. No success.

However, I click on the <embed> link under the activity I want to embed in the column. Is there another way?


Thank you! 

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Hi La Griffe,

You would have to strip the embed code and only leave the embed URL. For example Please note that the core does not recomment iFrame embedder anymore since it is not accessible and unresponsive.