Drag and drop : 30 labels correctly placed but score is 30/33

Hello !

I am using H5P (latest version, all libraries updated today) with WPplugin (last version) on Wordpress (last version).

I have created a drag and drop activity which consists in drag-and-dropping 30 words in 6 boxes. I've tested the content and got the 30 words correctly placed in the 6 boxes. There is no labels left to be placed, as shows the screenshot attached.

Still my score is 30/33 although it should be 30/30, right ?

So I've edited the activity to check again where could be my mistake. I didn't add nor remove any label. But now, when I complete the task correctly, my score is 30/35 (but there are still only 30 labels to place - see screenshot attached). And when I edit the activity, everything is messed up : the labels are not the same that the ones I checked when I saved the activity. I have to re-check every label and dropzones again.

Usually my drag and drop activities work fine. What could explain such a strange behavior ? I attach the H5P activity so you can have a look and maybe point out a direction.

Thanks for your help !


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Hi Isabelle,

I've fixed your content well sort of. This is related to this bug report. What happens is that if there was an image or text that was previously set as a draggable but was later edited to a static text or image the content still includes them in counting the number of possible draggables hence the total score is incorrect. What I did with your content is remove all the static images which now provides me with the correct total score. What you need to do is remove all the statice images then re-add them making sure that you do not activate them as a draggable by placing check on the possible drop zones within its settings.



Thank you so much BV for your fix and for the explanation you provided ! I tried what you suggested and your fix works wonderfully. Honestly, I would never have thought of that myself... But you are right : when I created the activity, I initially intended the images to be dropzones. Then I changed my mind and unchecked the dropzones in settings. I will be aware of this in the future, thanks to you.

Have a nice day !