Single choice question

Hello i cant see to find a single choice question type? There is multiple choice available.

For example.

What colour is the sky?

Then type in the answer.


All that seems to be on this list so far in mutiple choice answers instad of just one or am i missing something?

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Hi Dcclow,

Sorry I don't think I follow. You mentioned that you do not see the single choice question type but your example is more like Fill in the Blanks. Also would you mind telling us where are you creating your content.



Hi sorry didnt explain that to well, i can see the Single Choice Set option. But not an option to correct 1 single choice question. If i create just 1 question using single choice set there is obviously no other option but click the only answer. Is there a way for someone to type in an answer to 1 single choice question?

Sorry dont thnk i explained to well, i can see the Single Choice Set content type, but when clicking that you cannot make just 1 question with a text reply. Instead It only has to be multi choice. If i just chose 1 question it just displays as click choice button. There doesnt seem to be any content type that would allow someone to ask 1 simple question and be able to write in an answer?

Or in other words... What is one plus one? The answer would be Two.

I cant see any options that would allow 1 simple question to be asked and for someone to then type in the answer.

Even if was to try the Quiz (Question Set)

If i was to ask a question, the only options available is... multiple choice, Drag and drop, Fill in the blanks, Mark the words, Drag text, True or false.

Where is there an option to type 1 simple reply to answer? Its always multi choice!

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Hi Dcclow,

Thank you for the explanation. Fill in the Blanks is exactly what you need. Using your example above of "What is one plus one? The answer would be Two", I created a sample content for you.


Ah perfect thats exactly what I'm looking for thank you very much!

Unfortunatley after giving this a try its just not goo enough. Reason being its case sensitive.

Example 1..What colour is the sky? Blue = Correct yet if someone types in blue = wrong due to case sensitive.

Example 2.. Whats 1 + 1 correct answer 2 wrong answer if someone types two.

This needs adaping to support 2 or more correct answers to avoid case censitive.

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Hi Dcclow,

Actually what you mentioned above are features that are already available in Fill in the Blanks. My sample content initially was not case sensitive, which you can change in the behavioural settings. I also updated my content so that the numeral two (2) can be used. All you need to do is to add a slash "/" so that you can have an alternate answer, this is discussed in the Important Instructions jsut above the text box.


I thought the single answer was the free-text option.   Having a single choice feature just seems silly to me.  It is confusing for the new user.  Having to provide an answer, and there being only one choice just does not seem logical

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Hi Simon,

In this thread there there are 3 content types that were mentioned:

  1. Fill in the Blanks - Users fill in the missing word
  2. Single Choice - Users choose one correct answer from a list of choices
  3. Multiple Choice - Users choose 2 or more answers from a list of choices.

Single Choice lets you add more than one possible answer.