"Show code" web browser option shows the answers of a Fill in the blanks


If a student, while answering a "fill in the blanks", uses the developer option of the web browser to see the page code, then he can see the answers between the "*"


Content types: 
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Hi esanroma,

This is not a bug but instead a missing feature (backend evaluation). It is planned to get this fixed for H5P.com but I'm not sure if there are plans to include this feature H5P.org and plugins.


I disagree, it is a security bug since an unauthorized user (the student) has a mechanism to access confidential information (the answers to the test).

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Hi esanroma!

I agree with BV.




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Backend evaluation - missing feature or bug. It has been five years since it is on the roadmap. 

Without the feature the H5P content cannot be used as material in quizzes/exams for e.g. governement projects. 

I did run the query on ‘backend evaluation’ on H5P.org, there are few posts. 

I understand there are no resources/founds to finish the feature. But since H5P is an open source, could we somehow help? 

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Hi Michael,

Maybe you could start a crowd funding drive then you can hire someone from this list https://h5p.org/h5p-service-providers.


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Hi All,

The H5P Core Team is working hard on the top voted feature request from the last H5P Conference - the H5P OER Hub. The exam mode will get priority later this year, and probably for a few content types at a time as it will require significant rewrites to make sure that only content accessible to the user without answering anything is sent to the browser in addition to moving the evaluation server side.

Initially the H5P content types were designed to replace Flash and Scorm, both of which have the same problems (the blog post is old, but I believe the problems are still there for SCORM as well). The first users of H5P did not even have the means of logging people in and thus had no interest in using H5P for formal tests. We have been warning against using H5P for exams and similar from day one, but did add the exam mode to the roadmap since it has been a popular request, especially after H5P was added to Moodle.

Feel free to share the links to any relevant pull requests here and I'll ask some of the core team members to prioritize reviewing them.


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Hello BV, 

Thank you very much for the great comment. 
It answers the questions I have been asking myself. It explains what needs to be done — the most important part. 

It also tells part of H5P history, I did not know. 
I think the demand will drive the development at H5P. On the other hand lets not forget, the development needs resources. 
Had I been more proficient in JS and did not have a lot on my plate at work, I would definitely try to contribute some work. 
For me it is important to raise the voice regarding the ‘exam mode’ (backend evaluation), so it is not forgotten or put on the back-burner.

Best regards,