Improve loading time of virtual tour

Hi there,

I am just wondering if I could get any advice on improving the loading time to start this virtual tour :

I am using Wordpress 5.3.3 and H5P at version 1.15.0.

The PHP version on the server is 7.2 :

- The memory_limit is set at 192M

- The post_max_size is set at 128M

- The upload_max_filesize is set at 128M

I must also confess the virtual tour has 16 scenes.

My Internet connection is at 30Mbps.

Or maybe I am being too picky.


Improve loading time of virtual tour
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The server seems to be configured fine and the content type itself seems to load pretty quick. You use HTTP/2 which is a great idea for H5P, as it loads many small library files. What really takes long here is downloading the background images. They are pretty big (4 MB each), so you the whole content is about 64 MB. This simply takes some time to download and the server doesn't appear to be that fast.