Column issues completion event multiple times

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While testing the:

I notice the ‘Column’ library issues completion event every time you interact with ‘Drag and Drop’ — provided this is the last activity you interact with (going from top to bottom). 

If the ‘Drag and Drop’ is NOT a last activity (e.g., going from bottom to top) the issue is not present. 

Library name: Column
Library version: 1.12.0

Fix could be at h5p-column.js 

commit: ad8f0f4 
in trackScoring function definition,

Change LN:73


      if (event.getScore() === null) {


      if (event.getScore() === null && {


I am not 100% sure if above is the right way to fix the issue. 

The bug could be in DragQuestion library, drag-question.js, 

commit: cf02346, 

    draggable.on('interacted', function () {
        self.answered = true;
        self.triggerXAPIScored(self.getScore(), self.getMaxScore(), 'interacted');

The LN:180 

self.triggerXAPIScored(self.getScore(), self.getMaxScore(), 'interacted');

could be changed to (just a guess):

      self.triggerXAPIScored(self.getScore(), self.getMaxScore(), 'interacted', false);

Unfortunately the DragQuestion (h5p-drag-question.js) is a distribution version and I do not know how to setup development environment for this project on my local, so I could debug and test it locally, before making pull request. 

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Thanks to thomasmars, 
For fixing it in DragQuestion (ver. 1.13.11)