German Translation

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Is there someone already working on a German translation?

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It seems the Interactive Video has been started on. If you're interested we can send you the latest files for translation?

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Would be great to have the latest files. I just downloaded the files at the mentioned place from you and will see how to work with them...
Is there or will there be one plac eto bring them together?



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Where to find the specific language files for the libraries within Wordpress Installation?
It seems for me as if I only found the "basisc wordpress plugin" but not the libraries itsself.

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There is some information about contributing translations in the Contributing documentation.

For the time being, translations for the different components of H5P is somewhat scattered. The Content Types each have their own language folder that contains one JSON file for each language. This file is based on the semantics.json in the parent directory which contains the default English translation. The easiest way for us to verify and make the translations part of the content type is if the translation is submitted in the form of a "Pull Request" on GitHub, e.g. like this man has done:

To do this you'll need a GitHub account, and then you can navigate to the language folder of the content type you wish to translate, e.g. h5p-multi-choice/language. Here you can click the "New file" button and type in the name of the translation, e.g. de.json for german, and then you fill in the translation content. The easiest way to do this is probably to copy another translation and then just replace the strings. You can use the "Raw" button on existing translation files to get the file content without the line numbers.

When you're done you fill in a title and a description of the work you've done, and press the "Propose new file". Now you have what is called a patch. You'll get a summary of the changes in the patch and here you can press the green "Create pull request" to submit your proposed changes to the H5P Content Type.

In the same way, you can use the "Edit" button on existing translations to suggest changes.

Let me know if you have any questions :-)