Interactive Book (beta) - Weird character showing up before the Find the hotspot

Hello ! 

I have been using "Interactive Book" since version alpha and I am thrilled with the release of the Beta version ! I would like to report a small bug that I had trouble to replicate first but I finally succeeded. The bug happens ONLY when "Find the hotspot" is used with "Image Hotspots". (If "Find the hotspot" is used without "Imager Hotspots", the bug won't happen ; that's why I had trouble to reproduce it).

When both content are used in an Interactive Book, a small black square is showing up before the "Find the hotspot". This is caused by this CSS style : 

.h5p-image-hotspot-question:before {
    content: '\f059';

You will find the bug reproduced here : + see screenshot attached.

Possible fix would be to be more specific in the CSS :

.h5p-image-hotspots .h5p-image-hotspot-question:before {
    content: '\f059';

Hope this is helpful !


Small bug in Interactive Book
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Hi Isabelle,

Thank you for reporting this and thank you for the proposed resolution. I created a bug report and you can follow the progress here.


Hi BV52 !
Glad to be of some help :)
Have a nice day !

Thanks Isabelle !

I updated line 71 of /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.ImageHotspots-1.8/styles/image-hotspots.css 

The task description appears correctly now !


Thanks Isabelle!

I had the exact same issue.

I updated line 71 of /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.ImageHotspots-1.8/styles/image-hotspots.css

.h5p-image-hotspots .h5p-image-hotspot-question:before {    content: '\f059';}


The task description now shows as expected.


Il me semble que tu as posté un article en disant que tu préfères le Français (moi aussi !) et concernant le LRS.
Pourrais tu me renseigner sur ce sujet ?
MErci !


Hey there,

I got exactly the same problem with the use of interactive book in Moodle. Is there any solution if not using h5p as a wordpress plugin?