Interactive Book not displaying when embedded in Blackboard

I created a new interactive book but when I try to embed it in Blackboard using the embed code it doesn't display.

All other content types display perfectly.

Not sure what is causing this or if others have had issues?

I'm using the h5p plugin on a self hosted wordpress and using chrome browser.

It displays OK usimg the shortcode on wordpress. 




Content types: 

Using Interactive Book Beta and H5P Wordpress plugin :

  • the shortcode works fine
  • the embed code doesn't work when I try to embed the same content in an other blog.

The embed code didn't work either with the alpha version of Interactive Book.



I also tried to embed another interactive book that someone shared on twitter.

Same Issue - won't display in Blackboard - not sure if this is an H5P issue or a blackboard issue.

Never had this issue with any other content types.

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for reporting this. There is an existing bug report for this issue.


Amazing, thank you. Should I manually update this on my Wordpress installation or wait for an official update?



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Hi Lisa,

I suggest that you wait for the official update. It shouldn't take long before it is released.


Perfect, thanks.