Large number of questions of the same type

We have a large number of questions (close to 750,000) and question types (close to 2,000). Is there a way to easily automate the creation of these without having to manually author each question?

Our objective is to display these questions in a WordPress based website and to be able to easily assess them using an existing system.

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Hi rk_kidlet,

Are these question and question types created in H5P if so you can utilize the export-import feature of H5P. If not I'm afraid manual authoring is the only way to go, not unless someone else in the community has impemented some automation. If someone has implemented this your suggestion/tips will be very much appreciated.


They are not created in H5P. That is the issue. We have a system where, for example, we have 20 types of questions and about 2000-3000 questions of each type. Is there a way to quickly automate display of these questions if we design the 20 types?

Here is an example of a question with multiple options. Please see attachment:

We have 2,000-3,000 such questions and would like to automate it in some way, if possible.