InteractiveBook, xAPI statements broken

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xAPI statements broken... 

Library name: InteractiveBook
Version: 1.2.7
Tested with example at: 

1st issue:
After finishing all activities the submit screen report states: 

  • Total score: 22/22
  • Book progress:100% 
  • Interactions progress:100% 

(I am guessing I did good job - LOL) 

However none of completion event statements report.score returns 'raw' (score) 22, nor (in Wordpress) looking on 'My Results' the 'Score is' 22. 
The score 'raw' in both 'My Results' and xAPI statement is 19 (out of 22). 

2nd issue:
The xAPI 'completion' statements that are issued by 'subcontent' or child activities in: context.contextActivities do not have 'parrent' and they should. 

3rd issue:
After completting the 'Per 100gr strawberries have' (last activity 'Berries Quiz' or 'The Book of Berries' as per xAPI statement) the InteractiveBook issues 'completion' event and it should not. Why - see issue 4

4th issue: 
After moving to last page 'Summary' and selecting 'Submit Report' the InteractiveBook issues completion event but 'context.contextActivities.category.0' is: 'H5P.Column-1.12' and it should be 'H5P.InteractiveBook-1.2'. 
Since it is a subcontent the 'context.contextActivities' should have 'parent' as well. 

This are the observations at 1st glance. 
In short what was working fine with (alpha) 1.0.1 now does not work. 

Content types: 
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Thank you very much. 
As soon as new version is available I will verify and let you know. 
Thanks again.

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Many thanks for fixing the issue prompty. 
Fixed in H5P.InteractiveBook, version: 1.2.8
One extra question. 
The InteractiveBook does not save the state in h5p_contents_user_data table, regardless 'Save Content State' setting. 
Is this by design ar will be implemented in the future?

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Hi Michael,

You are correct Interactive Book does not support "save content state" yet. However it is part of the plan to add it the future, no timelines yet when it will be released.


Hello all - I too have been waiting for some movement on this as the Book layout and features would be perfect for my needs. I have been in discussions with Oliver Tacke and potentially have a solution, however, it needs to be funded.

If there are enough of us together, getting this issue addresses wouldn't cost too much, it depends on how many would be willing to contribute. If you are interested in helping this become a reality. If we can get 15 - 20 people into a crowdfund then it would be somewhere between 100 - 200 euros each to get it over the line (all estimates at the moment). 

First things first, if I can get enough interest then I am happy to pull it all together. Absolutely no commitment at this stage, just let me know if you would be interested.