Wordsearch & Crossword

Hi guys,

I really love H5P an I was wondering if there are any plants to create wordsearch and crossword activities, since these are two basic games.

Thank you very much for your work :)



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We've been talking about it, but I don't think any developers are about to do it or have funding for it at the moment, so it might take some time.


Ok, thank you :)

Please check it andlet us know

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It took some time, but someone eventually decided to fund it, see https://youtu.be/Vown6nidXdk Beta version, should be done soon.


I saw some code in github https://github.com/RiballoJose/MyWordSearch 

https://github.com/RiballoJose/MyCrossWord are these codes may help you and  i saw in a forum someone used it already in h5p 

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Hi eceivid, here's a link to a discussion about this code:

It is up to the developer (or anyone else who's willing) who wrote the original to improve it so that it can be featured in the examples page on H5P.org.

If you have access to a developer who understands git, it is also possible to use the code on your personal site.

Hi Tim, Thanks for reply!!