Interactive Video on Moodle - I can not upload Echo360 video

Hi lovely H5P community,

I am creating interactive video with H5P plugin - Moodle.


I want to insert quiz into our lecture recording videos. These videos are stored in echo360 (

When I upload the echo360 link of the video. I get the error "Video format not supported". Please see the attached picture.


Normally, to see these videos, my students have to login to the Moodle site. Then they can browse the videos on

I think it may be the problem when I embed to the H5P interactive video.


My question is: is there any way make H5P interactive video over echo360 video link?

Thank you so much,




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Hi N,

It should be possible to use videos hosted in echo360 if they provide the source URL. Most video hosting sites provides you with the player URL which plays the videos instead of the source URL which is where the video is stored in their serves. You can contact echo360 support if they provide the source URL.


Hi BV52,

Thank you so much for replying my problem.

You are right. If echo360 give me the public link of the video. Then the problem is solved.

However, to see the echo360 videos. My students have to logon to echo360 first. Then moodle with echo360 lug-in will get through their credential.

Thank you so much for your suggestion.