H5P presentation topic does not enable the Mark Complete button in Learndash


We have an issue with "Mark Complete" in LD using H5P presentation content and we are not sure what are we doing wrong at our end or here is an issue in H5P.

When we complete the lesson including question and summary slides, the Mark Complete butoon does not get enabled, hence the course progression does not go to next topic. I have enclosed a screenshot with all steps to show you what we have done and problem we are facing. If we not set up question and summary slide correctly, please guide us for our case as we have 100+ H5P contents in our LD academy and we want to get this working correctly. hence, we have created a demo test case, the linek to the screenshot is enclosed here. Any help would be appreciated as soon as possible.



Suresh Agrawal



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Hi Suresh!

LearnDash simply doesn't pick up the xAPI statements that H5P uses to transfer scores, mark tasks as completed, etc. You might want to have a look at https://elearningcomplete.com/h5p-for-learndash/



LearnDash LMS do not track H5P Content progress, but you can track the completion of H5P Content using GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin which integrates with LearnDash LMS. Along with Completion Tracking, it also provides Advanced Completion Behaviour for Mark Complete button. You can hide/show or Disable/enable mark complete button until H5P Content is completed.

GrassBlade xAPI Companion can pass the H5P Content score to the LearnDash Quiz if you add content on the quiz page. In case you want to track answers of the users, then add GrassBlade LRS for better reporting.