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Some our students are completing H5P assignments via the Canvas LTI (course presentation content type) and not having their final score returned to the gradebook. It's working fine for most students but causing a lot of frustration for the minority who make multiple attempts, but their scores are still not being returned. Do you have any suggestions for what might be causing the problem? They are using Chrome or Firefox.

Thanks! Isobel

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Hi Isobel,

There are several possibilities that may cause scores are not registered in the Gradebook.Below are the some of the scenarios that I can think of and the possible reason/s:

  1. All scores are not sent - This could be a bug on either in H5P or Canvas, or the LTI integration is not configured correctly.
  2. Scores are not sent for all students for a specific content type - Content type does not generate scores or there is a bug with the content type
  3. Scores are not sent for some students for random cotnent types - Students are not reaching the 'trigger' for sending scores. This is the most likely cause of your issue. Having said this students may not be triggering the sending of scores by not reaching the summary slide of Course Presentation. Also please note that for most graded activities the students needs to click on 'check' for the scores to be recorded. 

I hope this helps but if said triggers are met and you are still having this issue I suggest that you contact the support directly by sending an e-mail to.


Hi BV52, thank you for these suggestions, and apologies for my delayed response. The cause of the problem was indeed your third suggestion - students were not reaching the trigger for sending scores. We have improved our instructions to ensure students go right to the summary slide, and this has solved the problem. Thanks again for your assistance :-)

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Hi Isobel,

To help you out with the instructions below are some of the triggers: 

Branching Scenario - Make sure that scoring is configured please check the built in walkthrough for details

Column - Triggers are met for all activities that are included

Course Presentation - A graded activity is included and the student needs to reach the summary slide for scores to be recorded

Dictation - Check button is clicked

Drag and Drop - Check button is clicked

Drag the Words - Check button is clicked

Essay - Check button is clicked

Fill in the Blanks - Check button is clicked

Flashcards - Check button is clicked

Image Sequencing - Check button is clicked

Interactive Book - Submit button in the “Submit & Summary” screen is clicked

Interactive Video - A graded activity is included and the student needs click submit in the submit screen

Mark the Words - Check button is clicked

Multiple Choice - Check button is clicked

Quiz (Question Set) - Check button is clicked for all questions and reaching the summary screen

Single Choice Set - Check button is clicked

Summary - All statements are answered correctly


Note: This is a list that I keep and update it from time to time it may not be complete.