Problem with the notation in the Drag and Drop activity


I report a problem with the activity Drag and Drop (I think it's the last one because there is no update proposed) encountered by a teacher that I help at my university. So, I don't know exactly what the detailed steps he followed, I only know he created 10 labels (1 point for each label) but the final score is on 15 points. I join you the screenshot he send to me to illustrate the bug.

I tried to reply the bug but I could not with the steps described below :

1. I created 3 drop zones specifying the corresponding labels.

2. I created 3 label and check the option "Select all".

3. I added 3 images specifying the corresponding labels (specify the corresponding labels is the only difference between my settings and the teacher's settings).

- Platform and version number : Moodle 3.8.3+

- Desktop on Mozilla 5.0

- H5P version 1.20.2

There is not recent changement in our environment, we just updated our Moodle during the summer and we update H5P in the same time.

I hope I gave you enouth details, don't hesitate to ask me for more informations.

Thank you for your answer !

Problem with the notation in the Drag and Drop activity
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Hi Dorothée URCA,

Thank you for the information. Drag and Drop has one of the more complicated scoring system, if you can attach the content here we can check what may be causing this. Without the content it is near impossible to reproduce such an issue not unless we came accross somethig similar to it.


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Hi Dorothée URCA,

I agree with BV. Please export that H5P content to a .h5p file and attach it to your reply so we can examine it. Are you on the Moodle (French) forum? If you are, you could re-post your question there and I might be able to help you quickly.

Hello Dorothée, comme le dit BV si nous n'avons pas le fichier H5P qui pose problème nous ne pouvons pas t'aider. Si tu es inscrite sur le forum Moodle francophone tu pourrais y re-poster ta question et je pourrais t'aider très vite.

Joseph (aka papi Jo)