Adding Sounds to multiple buttons

I want to create quiz questions like this:

Four buttons appear, marked (say) A, B, C, D. Clicking on each of these buttons plays a sound (such as a piano chord). User can click any of these any number of times while considering which to choose. Question is "Which of the above is a major sixth?" and the user clicks the answer choice (not the sound button) A, B, C, or D.

So I need to be able to add a sound file to a button and have several of them  on one question slide.

Possible? How?

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Hi Jasonkanter,

You can easily achieve what you want by using the Course Presentation activity where you can place all the necessary elements on one slide, as demonstrated on attached screen capture.

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Hi again Jasonkanter,

I've attached a sample 'lesson'. Hope that helps.

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Cool suggestion thanks Papi Jo!


I'm brand new to H5P and Moodle. I do have years of experience with Articulate Studio and Storyline and Adobe Captivate, all of which are now too expensive. I'm working through the tutorial on Course Presentation, and I don't yet see how to attach different sounds to four different buttons. Please help me to learn. Articulate Storyline was so much more intuitive.

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Hi Jasonkanter,

There are different ways of learning how to do things. My preferred one is "learning (and teaching) by examples". This is what I suggest: download the example I posted at the end of my reply here:

and install it on your Moodle site. Then Edit it and examine the various elements it contains.

My example is a Course Presentation activity. On the first (and only) page/slide I have placed the following elements:

  • 1 multiple choice activity
  • 1 text content
  • 4 audio contents placed inside the text content

The attached screenshots show you how to view/edit each content on that page/slide.

Hope that helps...

P.S.- Since you are using Moodle you might like to ask further questions on the relevant H5P Moodle forum here:

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Hi Papi Jo,

This was very useful for me. I have been struggling to find a way to create exercices with sound. I am a language teacher, an I really miss the possibility of inserting sound in a multiple choice or a gap-fill task. I never thought of using Course Presentation, but this looks really versatile . 

Thanks a lot!