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Hi Team, 

Thought it was about time I put one back into the mix for any of the Lecturer's\Teaches or coaches. 

A couple of variations and so have fun tweaking to suit your project. 

Drop and drag RACI


adapted from 


Then a more detailed course presentation version


Also, for those that dare.. there is a nice quick PPT converter working from GitHub


Just note it does leave the language setting as German, but an easy fix to change translations back to English, all credits to the developer, work perfectly and if you're a teacher wanting a quick set of slides to add in its fantastic. 


RACI drop and drag examples
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Sorry team, 

The website was throwing an error when I tried to load.. just copy and paste the links and they will open. 

I have set them for Reuse.. 

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Hi dgcruzing,

Thank you for sharing these.

BTW I fixed the links issue (I think) ;-)


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Thanks for that. 

As a bit of information on these as there is a lot going on in the background to get them to work. 

We used Canva to create the main background picture. 

Then had to play around with the sizing and allowing them to be placed in any box. 

I have used them in class and built a little case around them so that the students get a good idea on how to apply it against a project. 

We have been seeing some great examples pop up around the web. 

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Hi dgcruzing,

Just to say I've tried the D & D activity at https://acs.h5p.com/content/1291149029934328779 and I don't understand how any placing of the draggable items is considered as correct!

Plus there is no explanation to the end user as to what they are expected to do. What do the R, A, C, I draggables mean?

This is quite puzzling.

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Yes, this is just a base for others to build on. 

This is why I have added in two versions.

One is the Drop and Drag stand-alone and one is the presentation style, which I have built a scenario in for my class and presented to them. 

As an idea to use it in conjunction with, have a look to the "adapted from" at the top and it is a link that takes you to a great learners resource.. 


As to the right or wrong..

as they say, that's the "magic sauce". It would be up to you as a trainer to adjust to your class.