Course presentation | Summary doesn't show names of the slide


Can someone please help.

I have a course presentation. I also give names to the slide. And especially the quiz and true and false slides names matter.

Now, when the course is finished, the h5p module presents a summary with the results. And here, the slide names are not show but just Default slide is named there.

Is this a bug or any solution?

Thanks in advance.



Course presentation | Summary doesn't show names of the slide
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Hi Rahul,

I am unable to reproduce this issue. Would you mind attaching your content.


I'm seeing this issue as well and it has been reported on Drupal's Opigno LMS:

I've attached an example H5P Course Presentation file where I'm seeing this.

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Hi frogdog_tech,

Thank you for the additional information, I created a bug report here.


I have the same issue in summary, but I guess is not the summary the problem. The slise also has the title, but, in the summary is shown the activity title embedded in the slide, which is "Default title".

My problem is that I can't change this "activity title" during edition. Or, I don't know why to change it.


Any help would be very appreciated.





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Hi Gus,

Where are you creating your content? If you check the browser console do you see any error messages?


I'm creating content with a drupal 8 opigno distribution. All the H5P scripts are up to date. I'll take a look at the chrome console tomorrow. Thanks for your response.