Backgrounds, Branching, Moodle and lots more

Several long awaited features have been released. Read on to get an overview. 

February 2016 release:

Backgrounds in Course Presentation

Ever wanted to change the background color or add a background image to slides in Course Presentation? Well, now you can!

In the Course Presentation editor, you can now choose between using a solid background color or uploading a background image for your slide. You can change your background preferences for all slides in the presentation, or you can customize each individual slide. 

This new feature is available by pressing the new Background button in the Course Presentation editor.

Reset Interactive Videos in Course Presentation

When you press Retry on the Summary slide in Course Presentation, all the interactions in Interactive Videos placed within the Presentation gets reset. 

Branching Narrative in Interactive Video

The Branching Narrative feature allows you as an Interactive Video author to send the user to various target times in the video, depending on the user's input. 

 Unlike questions with adaptivity, there are no right or wrong answers when using Branching Narrative. You simply encourage the user to take a standpoint, and based on this desicion you redirect the user to a relevant section of the video. See the example below:

Using a feedback text for selected options is optional. 

Video Tutorials

A large proportion of the content type tutorials have now been upgraded with video tutorials in addition to the textual tutorials. See example below.



H5P Support in Moodle

This first version of the Moodle plugin supports H5P uploads and has a Gradebook integration. However, you should note that the plugin is only available via GitHub, and does not yet contain the H5P authoring tool. You can use Test Drive H5P to create H5P content and then it to your Moodle site.

Learn more about getting started on the Setup H5P for Moodle page. 

Dialog Cards Can Be Turned Both Ways

If you've ever used Dialog Cards, you've probably wanted to turn each card back and forth multiple times. Until now, this has not been supported. 

With the new release, however, you can turn the cards both ways as many times you want. See you on the flip side!


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