Distractors for Drag the Words

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Hi everybody!


I would like to ask for a new feature in Drag the Words. Please let’s discuss how useful it might be and what might be important to consider when implementing it.


MCQs are widely used in examinations and exercises for language learners. The quality of MCQs depends not only on the question and choice of blank, but also on the choice of distractors, i.e., incorrect answers. Distractors, which could be phrases or single words, are incorrect answers that distract students from the correct ones.


Drag the Words is great for creating multiple choice clozes (MCQs) that offer items for being recognized instead of just presenting blanks as in Fill in the Blanks that require a recall. Yet, there is a gap between the difficulty of recognizing the correct solution (Drag the Words) and of coming up with the correct solution (Fill in the Blanks). In order to fill the gap, this is my request:


As an author, I want to be able to add words that are listed as draggable options although they are not a solution in order to throw students off the scent.

Since MCQs are a general tool and can be used in many fields ranging from language learning to mathematics for students of virtually all ages, adding this feature would benefit a very large number of H5P users while it probably doesn’t make the content type harder to edit.


Dear H5P community, please add your thoughts! Maybe we can convince a developer to contribute the code.




p. s.: @BV: This is just for demonstration purposes how a feature request might look like. That feature has actually been created already :-D There is a pull request at https://github.com/h5p/h5p-drag-text/pull/51/

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Adding distractors to this content type would be a superb feature! May I recommend that the option to drag phrases as well as words would greatly improve this content type.

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Have you read the complete post? The code is there already ;-)

And regarding your addon: I think you can already use phrases in Drag the Words.



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Dear Oliver,

Indeed, I've read your whole post ;)

I just saw that you can also use phrases in this content type too.

For the code, I'm just an end-user. I know code exists, but how to use the code stored on GitHub to add the dostractors option is like abacadabra to me :)

Kind regards,



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Hi Arman!

I wasn't suggesting to add the code yourself. But given that there's already a pull request pending for review, it's only a matter of the H5P core team finding the time to review and release it.