General question about difference between mod_hvp and h5p for Moodle

I have Moodle 3.9.3 We have been using H5P for a while now. Have had the plugin installed. Used to be connected to the Hub.

But now we want to upgrade/update/install the plugins manually.

But I'm confused as to what I am seeing and exactly what we are interacting with. Maybe you can help me understand.

To illustrate my confusion I will just use one of the plugins we have installed of yours--Agamotto.

Agamotto was not present in the content type listing on this page

So I downloaded it and uploaded it again on the same page at the top where you browser to a local pacakge to install.

It was installed. It shows up as Agamotto 1.5.2

But when I go to Site Administration->Plugins->Activities->H5P and click "H5P Libraries" at the bottom of the page I see a similar page to the above--to upload libraries-- but Agamotto 1.5.2 is not listed. Agamatoo 1.4.3 is listed.

So I uploaded on that page the same Agamotto 1.5.2 library as before on the other page and checked the box that said to "Only updating existing libraries". It uploaded successfully but now I see "Agamotto 1.5.2" and "Agamotto 1.4.3" listed on two separate rows. Now the "Agamotto 1.4.3" row has an upgrade arrow to the right of it. If I click that arrows it asks me if I want to upgrade Agamotto 1.4.3. I said yes. I says I have successfully upgraded 3 instances of Agamotto. I am returned to the page after clicking "Return" and still see the 1.4.3 and 1.5.2 rows.

So what is the difference between the two H5P pages where plugins are listed and can be maintained? Which one is controlling the plugin we are using on the site when we use H5P content?



Sorry if I am just catching up but I just inherited this site. And don't know the history. So it appears that there are two plugins now: 1) mod_hvp (the older one) and 2) mod_h5pactivity which is the newer integration with Moodle. Is there a document that explains the differences/interactions/etc? I'm not finding it.

This helped me . . . So I see why there are two and that they are like I have seen independently implemented. It appears that you could have two different sets of H5P content type libraries (1 for each) module . They can overlap and therefore you would need the libraries/content types updated. Don't know why all of this was set up this way as it is very confusing but . . . my commentary aside it is what it is. I just needed to know what was going on. Sounds like if you want to migrate away from the mod_hvp plugin to the mod_h5pactivity plugin you can use this

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The reason for two versions being around is that many moodle users like to run H5P on moodle and asked moodle HQ to integrate it into moodle core. They did. And now there's the external plugin and the core version to choose from, both with their specific pros and cons. The core version is more tightly integrated into moodle, because it doesn't have to make compromises from having to run on other platforms. The plugin, however, is still more versatile when it comes to customization, e. g. overriding the visual appearance of H5P. The discussion may become interesting when the H5P OER Hub is released, as moodle doesn't use it. This might help: