Interactive Video interface issue

Apologies if this has been covered already, I can't find a post on this else where and not sure where to put this.

I have installed and setup H5P plugin on WP and while trying to test it found that the interactive video screen is looking very different to the tutorials, I have now also discovered this issue on the Scenario Builder when trying to add a course presentation, from which I then can't close out of the attached screen. I have included screenshots of what I am seeing to hopefully help identify the problem. Can you please advise what might be causing this adn how I get the nice looking menu from the tutorials? Many thanks for any help on this.

This is the initial screen that I am presented with, Attached H5p1

If I add a video either by uploading or by embedding the menu then looks as follows and is unusable, attached H5P2

With the very bottom of the menu looking like this, attached H5P3

SCenario builder is also looking a bit weird on the presentation addition: H5P4

Interactive video interface not showing properly
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Are you using any theme or custom website builder? If so can you please try disabling it and check if it will work. Can you also check if you have any errors in the browser console.



I have a sizable list of errors all pointing to "was not loaded because its MIME type, “application/octet-stream”, is not “text/css”."

Interstingly enough, if I close the console and open it up again while on the IV it "fixes" the issue and everything looks the way it should unitl I refresh or create a new one. Haven't seen this happen before.

There is a custom template that I can't desable from my end.

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I'm not really sure what is causing this however from your screenshot this doesn't seem to be caused by the H5P plugin. If someone else may have any suggestion/s feel free to post your comments.


Hi BV,

Thank you very much for your assistance in initially looking into this, most appreciated.