Course Presentation Button (Active Surface Mode)


I have a question or a suggestion for the course presentation. I like to use Active Surface Mode because I can use it to create an intuitively usable UI myself. But I find it relatively impractical to have to reassemble the components (icon (picture), text field, shape, go to slide) for each button. Is there a way to simplify that? Either by copying several components at once or the possibility to compose a new component "button" from several components?

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Hi Max,

The "clone slide" feature can help you with this.



ah, that's a good advice. I overlooked "clone slide".

Greetings Max


Hi there,

I have a similar issue. I really love the course presentation tool as a whole and have started using it more often.

What I really would love to see sometime in the future (I know it is easy to ask for features ;) ):

  • a way to select multiple elements at once (Is there a way to do this at the moment?)
  • a way to group elements
  • a way to align elements on the slide (center, equal distances between objects)


Cheers Hans Peter