Interactive Book Embed in Anchored Pages


Not a bug necessarily, but I am hoping for a hack.

I'm trying to embed an Interactive Book within a Moodle topic (content first created through the Moodle H5P plugin, then embed code grabbed). Problem is, ours is 1 site with topics navigated by anchors. So when the IB is embedded via its H5P generated tags, navigating through the pages of the IB affects the parent window and the topic crashes.

As this is a known interaction between windows and iframes, I have tried using sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-popups allow-forms" on the iframe to disable top navigation overrides, but that also disables the IB page navigation. Even embedding the IB in a unique page and iframing that page still overrides the parent window.

Is there a way to make the IB an object or otherwise contained module that is navigable without allowance for parent top-nav access? Maybe through jQuery?

Thank you so much!

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And we're running Moodle 3.9 on a sandbox. I'm testing in desktop Firefox 83.0, Chrome 87.0.4. Unsure of plugin version, perhaps this? No debug errors, just complete removal of content overridden by URL change in parent window.