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I am using H5P within Wordpress and specifically the Timeline content type, which is based on TimelineJS. The H5P Plugin for Wordpress shows me a version of 1.1.1 for the included TimelineJS library. Is that the "real" TImelineJS version or some internal number? Because in the Github project for TimelineJS it starts with v2.10 from 2012 - surely the verison used by H5P is newer than that?

However, I do believe that H5P is using a version that pre-dates 2015, because that is the point when TimelineJS went to v3 and that has new CSS classes, which I don't observe in the H5P timelines.

So, does anyone know which actual TimelineJS version is used and whether it will at some point be updated to a current version?

Many thanks in advance for any pointers,


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Hi ulim!

H5P uses a very old version of TimelineJS. It's openly sourced, so hopefully someone will update it.