Textbox formatting

I am having a few issues with textbox formatting.

1. I paste in 4 different urls (copy from address bar, paste into textbox), even though I use the exact same procedure, they appear as different fonts. When I try to adjust font size (set them all to 100%) they are still different sizes). When I try to adjust font style (set them all to Normal), they still all look different. Even setting them as links, they are different shades of blue. Any advice, besides always having to type in addresses?

2. Setting "wrapping" in a textbox. In one textbox, as I adjust the size of the box, all of the text shows, just changes from the number of lines it takes up. (In excel, this is the wrapping tool). However, in another textbox, wrapping appears to be off, such that the text disappears past the text box boundary, rather than wrapping underneath. Even if I copy the textbox where wrapping is working, then paste the same things in, the wrapping goes away. 


For 2. wrapping issue - only difference is using "_" v. "-" in the url links. Any way to turn on wrapping, even when using "_" in the url?