Interactive Video

Interactive Video as a content type can only be added to websites such as via as a paid solution on

It is NOT available for free on

Is this correct?

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You can also host your own contents using the free plugin.


Is it posible any way to develop a inteactive video or other "game" in wordpress for instance and then use it as stand alone to publish to social media for instance?

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Hi wingheaded,

I'm afraid not. This is because when downloading a content like Interactive Video you are not just downloading a video but it includes other files, which social media sites will not be able to play.


Is there a way to know if my students have seen and used my video?

Iam using the free version

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The only way to do this is for you to capture scores/data from your content. H5P emits data in the form of xAPI statements and you will need a plugin or custom code to listen to these statements and a data store such as a learning record store to save them in. 

I highly recommend looking through these documentation: