Quiz question set - the questions are in English but the results not


I use wordpress which is in English. I created a quiz using your plugin h5p which is in two languages English/Spanish. When it comes to the quiz- the whole quiz is in English but the final part - Results are in Spanish. We tried to reinstall the programme but nothing has changed. 

Other 5 types of exercises we tried are in English only, no problems there. 

Could you please help us to solve the problem?

Please, see the attached link with the quiz here: https://www.petrayvonneenglish.com/vocabulary-quizzes/ 

Thanks for your help!


Quiz results are not shown in the language we selected.
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Hi Petra,

Without access to the settings of your content I can only assume that the text in "Finished" and/or "Text override and Translations" is in Spanish. You can find these at the bottom of the content editor.


Hi BV52,

Thanks for your quick response. Well, the problem is that the page is in two languages. One part is in English, and another part is in Spanish. Moreover, when I choose English for the quiz (I choose it at the bottom of the page), it shows everything correct (for example, Results), but when I update the page and do the quiz myself, it shows „Resultados“ in Spanish, instead of „Results. “ First, I thought it is on my side only, but other people who did the quiz see it the same, in Spanish


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Hi Petra,

Would you mind checking the settings in "Finished/Teminado".