Find Multiple Hot Spots Unresponsive in WordPress

You can access the game here  

It doesn't let you click on anything. I have attached two screenshots of it in editor, where you can see the hotspots identified and that everything is filled out. 

I'm using the latest version of wordpress for the website. 

Please help me figure out what I need to do to have the activity/content work. I just started using H5P, so I'm hoping it is something simple and not something like being uncompatible with wordpress version 5.6.  

Thank you. 

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Hi jadies,

You're right it doesn't work with your content. However the file that you attached is the sample content and it is working when I test it. Would you mind uploading your content here so that we can test it on our end.


I clicked the reuse option to make it available, and downloaded the file. It is attached. I hope this helps! 

Hello, I clicked the reuse option to be made available. I then downloaded the file and attached it here. 

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Hi jadies,

Fixed! What caused the issue was that the hotspots did not have a check in the "Correct" option, so as far as the content is concerned there are no "hotspots" since the whole image is incorrect.


Oh my goodness! Thank you so much. I honestly thought the checkbox next to the word Correct was being used a bullet point and that the default when adding a new area would be correct. 


I really appreciate your help. Hopefully I'm the only one with this mistake, but if not, it can help someone else.