Find Multiple Hotspots

Copy paste option and Image change in Multiple Hotspots

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In Find Multiple Hotspots content type, while creating I don't see copy and paste the hotspot option. Is it not available? If it is available it will be very useful.

Similarly, after adding hotspots on the image when we go back to step 1and change the bg image, all hotspots will also disapper. It will be a good option if changing the image (after creating hotspots in step 2) option is available with same hotspots. 

Hope I could express my idea clear. Please suggest.


Find Multiple Hotspots - problem with creation new content

Hello, I have a very strange problem when creating new content in Find multiple hotspots.

When I create new content and in the editor I choose the type as Find Multiple hotspots. Everything looks ok but in the hotspots tab in place "choose approprate figure for your hotspot, configure it, then drag and resize it into place." Instead of a square or a circle there are two black dots as in the attachment I can't add active points in the image. In a single Find hotspot is ok.

Please help me :)