Find Multiple Hotspots

Find multiple Hotspots

Hi, I was using the find multiple hotspots and I think its a great tool.

It would be great if the tool could score incorrect answers as well as  the correct ones. So as to be able to grade the activities. When I use it if I found and incorrect answer I can set it to show me a message but this incorrect answer doesn't show in the results. When you find the incorrect answer you can go ahead and keep looking for the correct answer.

I think this will make the tool suitable to use in any educational level and its much easier and quicker to use than the drag and drop tool.

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Notes non prises en compte dans le carnet de note de Moodle 3.8.5


With the H5P plugin, in Moodle 3.8.5, I created Multi Hotspot activities. In order to be able to group them together I created a book (not H5P since the Multi HotSpot activity is not compatible) which displays the H5P activities by links. The individual H5P activities are in the same course in a hidden but accessible mode. The results are not taken into account in the notebook. What can I do ?