Find Multiple Hotspots

Add option for Find Multiple Hotspots to a Column

The Find a Hotspot feature is great, but I really wish I could incorporate the Find Multiple Hotspots feature into a column.

I'm trying to test my students' knowledge of the guitar fretboard, so the Find a Hotspot feature isn't really extensive enough for what I need, so I really want to be able to use Find Multiple Hotspots to test people's knowledge of the fretboard visually as well as using other content types within the same Column. I was kind of surprised it wasn't already an option.

Find multiple hotspots

Is it possible to limit the amount of times user can click in a Find multiple hotspots  - content type?

For example, if the "find multiple hotspots" has 6 images which 2 of them are set to correct and 4 are wrong.
To be able to limit the total amount of clicks to 2 could really test the user knowledge.
Now user can click as many time as he wants and always get a full score. There could be a "show solution" and maybe "retry" -buttons after the maximum click amount has reached. (clicks outside of the images would not be counted)



Activate Content Types

H5P is installed in Moodle at my institution, and for some reason, many of the content types are not activated. Could someone help with that?

The content types that are not activated (read: grayed out):

  • Arithmetic Quiz
  • Speak the Words
  • Personality Quiz
  • Questionnaire
  • Find Multiple Hotspots
  • Image Juxtaposition
  • Agamotto (Image Blender)

I have no idea why they would not be activated.